While the world is applauding Australia and New Zealand for the way they have handled the spread of pandemic, both the countries are now engaged in devising strategies of opening their respective economies with absolute precaution and safety measures. They are also indicating opening up the borders for international students to commence their studies in the upcoming semester.

On 08th May, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison revealed the three-step plan to ease off the restriction, which included the intent of bringing the international students to the country in the third-step. Similarly, on 13th May, New Zealand moved to Alert Level 2, which has the provision of opening up the educational institutes for the students.

Both the countries have been able to slow down the spread of Coronavirus and are now aiming towards lifting up several bans, though they are being extremely cautious and these steps will be taken in coming months considering every minute detail, leaving no scope for the virus to spread.

In Australia, the restrictions are expected to lift up as early as July, allowing the students to attend next semester within the country. However, there will be post-arrival protocols that will have to be followed by the students such as staying in quarantine for a specific time as suggested by the authorities. Also, this will be done as a testing program for larger intakes for the later semesters.

On the other hand, New Zealand on Alert Level 2 claims that the early learning services, schools and Universities can be opened for all ages. It is safe and additional health measures are already in place, though distance learning will continue to be in place for the time being. The New Zealand Government is closely monitoring its safety measures and has expressed the intent of allowing foreign students into the country. This will be done in close management with the educational providers.

Going by the trends, it comes as a sign of relief that students who have dreamt of studying in these countries and are living in confusion at present, will get the clarity on their education further. Also, by showing peculiar interest in the well-being of international students, Australia and New Zealand have proved that these countries are committed towards providing education to international students despite all the difficulties. This is what makes these countries the best destinations to study.

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