If you are determined to study abroad, but at the same time, you cannot decide the best destination for yourself, then we are right abroad education consultants to assist you. Our team is extremely informed about the expenses, institutes and visa formalities for several study destinations and can help you figure out the ideal one for you. With the opening of international borders for students, here are the top destinations where you can apply for your overseas education 2022.


Canada has emerged as the best choice for Indian students for several reasons. The favorable attitude of the country towards foreigners in general gives the confidence and morale boost to apply for Canada study permit visa. Other remarkable factors are the provision of post-study work permit, permission to work part-time with studies and comparatively low tuition fees for world-class education. With the running ambitious immigration target of the country, it becomes extremely likely for these students to become permanent residents of Canada in future, if they want to be.


An undebatable excellent education provided with esteemed Universities on its land has always been the first choice for international students. With the coming back of Graduate Route, UK has attracted a large number of students who have been dreaming of working in UK after their studies. This is an effort by UK to retain the foreign talent and an exciting opportunity for the students.


USA offers its exclusive benefits for international students in terms of best quality of education. Irrespective of the institute you choose, you can stay assured of the excellence in terms of teaching methodology, curriculum and the facilities. USA takes special care of maintaining the education standards. The students must note that the expenses are high in this country and the prospects for immigration are yet to be organized.


During the pandemic, the charm to study in Australia suffered a setback due to strict border restrictions. However, with the re-opening of borders, the students can plan for their studies in Australia for it has one of the best educational standards across the globe. It has been attracting huge number of Indian students each year and it is expected that the numbers may soon surpass all the previous records.


The country has been applauded for its efficiency in the dealing with the pandemic even when the most advanced nations panicked. It does provide a safe and healthy environment for the students. An interesting fact is that all the institutes of the country are ranked well internationally. Not to mention the breathtaking beauty and all sorts of recreational activities that the country offers to its students.

There are other destinations like the countries in Europe such Germany, France and Spain that are amongst the leading names in providing quality education. Other destination which is gaining popularity is Dubai – the best study destination of the Middle East. It is not just a tourist destination but also an exciting study destination with the rapidly expanding knowledge park where world-famed institutes are established. Again, it is profile that decides the best destination for yourself and abroad education consultants are your best guide in this matter.

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