What can be considered as a recent step to address the unemployment issues in the USA, the Department of Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf says that the organization is reviewing temporary visa workers programs, which includes restrictions on H-1B and OPT (Optional Practical Training) as an executive order which the USA President Donald Trump has signed recently. This directive will directly target the Indian students pursuing higher education in the country as well as those who would be planning to move to USA in the forthcoming sessions.

The OPT is a temporary employment that can be availed by international students on F-1 visa, before and after the completion of the studies. The time period under this visa is of one year, which may be extended for further 24 months, if you belong to STEM graduate category. Therefore, under this provision, STEM students would be entitled to three years of employment in the USA. As of 2018, nearly 70,000 Indian graduates got the work permit under OPT.

Many of the jobs under OPT becomes permanent and gets converted to H1-B visa. However, any curbs on this program can be a setback to the dreams of Indian students of working and settling in the USA after completing their higher education there.

However, there is less to worry about it than it seems, because you, as an international students have multiple opportunities in the world out there. There are several top-notch countries like Canada, UK and Australia who are keen in inviting international students, even offering them smooth employability within the country after they graduate.

Study in Canada

Canada has made its mark among the top study destinations in the world. The world class educational facilities in the world’s best Universities coupled with excellent environment for foreign students makes it one of the most desirable place to study. Further, Canada has the provision to stay there to work on post-graduation work permit (PGWP), which can be valid from eight months up to three years, which is determined by the length of your study duration in the country.

Study in Australia

Australia is already one of the topmost choices to study for the students worldwide. It offers a wide range of courses for students in any said field existing, in its 43 Universities.  After you have graduated from Australia, you can stay there on post-study work stream visa, duration of which will depend upon the duration of your level of studies. You are eligible to stay on graduate work stream visa, if you have qualification in the field which is in demand, which are the occupations listed in Skilled Occupation List.

Study in UK

UK is an undebatable and ideal destination for students. It is home to the world’s finest institution, whose teaching methodology and ideals are exceptional. In a recent development, UK has announced the re-entry of 2-year post study work permit from 2020/21 intake, which is definitely a boost of opportunities for Indian students in UK. With this visa, the students can stay up to two years in UK for work or to look for suitable job opportunities.

Due to the dynamic and unsettling nature of visa policies, you as a student must look out to expand the opportunities for you by considering various options available. Every country has its own requirements and challenges which may be addressed by changing the visa policies, as is the case with the USA now. However, there is nothing to be disheartened as the policies are subjected to change, either to your favor or disfavor.

To study abroad for better education and better working prospects thereafter, you must keep a tab on all the countries that are among the best for education, to trap the best institute and best course for you. However, if you find this process tiring and complex, you must contact StudyAbroadExpert on +91 8595338595 and get complete assistance to start your process of overseas education, starting from deciding the best for you till you depart for your favorite study destination.

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