There are several reasons backing the fact that Canada is an ideal destination to study abroad. However, the procedure requires international students to apply for Canada student visa to be able to enter the nation and commence their study program. But in order to apply for the visa, it is essential to get admission into a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) of Canada. Basically, a DLI is an institute that is authorized by the Government of Canada to admit international students. Now, let us see at some of the major factors that compels students to study in Canada.

Quality Education with affordability

It is not an unknown fact that studying abroad is an expensive affair. Whether a student is self-funded or is undertaking an educational loan, there is a huge sum of money involved. But, at the same time any student would want to study at a destination where quality of education is the best and there is no compromise on this regard because ultimately the aim is to get exceptional qualification and skills. Canada is one and the only country that fulfils both the conditions and hence a large number of Indian students apply for Canada student visa every year. While the expenses involves are significantly less than other destinations like USA and Australia, the quality of education is amongst the top-notch in the world.

Top Institutes with good acceptance rate

Generally speaking, all the Canadian institutes bear a good reputation. With a qualification from Canada, a student is most likely to fetch a deserving job in countries like India. However, it is the profile of the student which decides the best institute for him or her. The struggle to select the best University can be solved with the help of study abroad consultants who are already aware of the conditions and possibilities of getting admission in an institute and can definitely help in shortlisting the best ones.

High chances of visa success with welcoming approach for foreigners

Canada is very receptive and encouraging towards the foreign talent. Students who demonstrate sincerity and the zeal to learn through their intent and previous academic qualifications have very high chances of getting their Canada student visa approved. The international students in Canada do not face any sort of discrimination and often experience the best time of their life in Canada.

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