Before heading to a country for overseas education, it is crucial to understand the entire process that starts from deciding on an institute, the desired program, funds required, and the study visa process. Canada is a welcoming nation with a well-defined procedure for applying for education as an international student. It is an ideal country that sets an example for other countries in managing international students’ interests from various countries. Here we shall describe the process to study in Canada in a step-by-step manner.

Choose the place to apply in Canada

Canada offers a metropolitan lifestyle for students in larger provinces. Smaller provinces and calm and comfortable on the pocket. It depends upon the preference of the student, where he or she would like to apply. Canada has almost 150 public institutes for higher education spread across various territories and provinces. Therefore, the students have plenty of options to choose from as per their preferred location in Canada. Irrespective of your study, Canada has a vibrant and lively culture to cherish throughout the country.

Know your program of study

The students who apply for overseas education normally have an idea of the program they want to pursue. They understand the field they are interested in so that they can choose their future path accordingly. On this front, Canada offers a wide variety of courses to international students. The Canadian institutes are well equipped with the facilities and infrastructure required in each specific program. A student can find a plan that would pertain to his/her interest in Canada.

Further, a significant number of Universities in Canada allows for the customization of the degree. A student can opt for a specific specialization after a year of study or study a combination of subjects that would enhance the career prospects after graduation. Students’ other opportunities include undergraduate research, cooperative education program, and work opportunities.

Apply for the admission

The actual process of studying in Canada starts by applying for admission to a Designated Learning Institute. Each University has its procedures and deadline for the process. Therefore, the student must go through the institute’s operation very carefully and adhere to the guidelines. The University shall also provide the list of documents and supplementary information in the form of a portfolio or video necessary for the admission and the fees required by the international student.

After successfully submitting the application and payment of the fees, eligible candidates who are admitted are given an acceptance letter. This is the first document that is required for the Canada study permit.

Obtain Canada study permit

To enter Canada as a foreign national and pursue your studies, you need a Canada study permit. It is mandatory for all the students who are pursuing courses that last more than six months. Once you have the acceptance letter from your institute, you can apply for this study permit. Again, there will be a list of documents and other formalities that need to be fulfilled by the applicants to get the study permit successfully. The usual processing time of a study permit is around three months under normal circumstances.

Having obtained your study permit, you can prepare to depart for Canada. Book your tickets as per the commencement of your program and enjoy your overseas education in Canada.

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